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OILS Summer Tour EP 2013


released 27 June 2013
All music by OILS.
All tracks recorded by OILS at SeedCo Studios, except "Rainbow in a Bootlace" which was recorded somewhere else.
Mixing by OILS and Luke Underwood.
Mastering by Brian Miller.
Cover Art by Luke Underwood.

Many, many thanks to Rolf Petermann, Brian Miller, all of the SeedCo family, Whatever Forever, Luke Underwood, Max Mehlstaub, CS Luxem, Karma Vision, The Record Machine, Golden Sound Records, Sw/mm/ng, and Front/Space.



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Track Name: The Town
Lonely and falter the tongue of the died and it won't even hold on wandering round by the town and the soldier of an open mind I had nowhere to run wounded and downed of a meddling mind I had seen it all again knew what was just then a friend of a friend found the lonesome road again I didn't mind anyway anyway failing eyes failing eyes unmoved on later walking home I looked up at the stars the snow was calling down and then I saw the light from Orion I had found your face up amongst the doves I had nowhere to run when it's all on the table (when it's all gone).
Track Name: Duck
One for the money
and two for the show

three to get ready
and four to go.

Gotta drive in Sylvia's old car with the red interior.

First came the thunder
and then came the rain.

First came the pleasure
and then came the pain.


Sitting down in the basement in a couple of years...

Ask me and you shall receive something.
I'm not the kind you need to be telling to just believe.


Track Name: Rain
The televised usually doesn't mind me here not when I'm drinking a glass of water brought from my cousin at a 7-11 shooting the shit outside his apartment he's from Miami they're from the South I'm just doubting what it's all about as I stand with my arms unfolded and I know these arms won't stay so folded like a mathematician whose been sliding on the brakes we won't initiate till it's too late I'm not a home you're not a final project so just keep on walking keep on walking although I'm disappearing from the calculated shore whatever was expected of you I couldn't have asked for more computer screen computer screen you can be pretty mean you can be pretty mean you're dialing me in you're dialing me in but I want to begin to stop peeking it's the thickness of the palm and the moon and all it's read it's the water in the frame and the timing of the rain I'm spinning in my grave as the stars overhead begin to snore though I don't have a basketball weaving technique I don't have a subtle way of walking out the door I know it's all taken for granted and I must not you believe in a heart that was so protected it needed five golden keys and two copies.
Track Name: Big Bear
Well I found my friends
and I followed them down
to the edge of the water
as the sun went down
over waves that were washing up the way
that they do on the ground.

With my hands in my pockets
and the night in my eyes
I am wandering out
in the pale moon light.

I'm alone
I'm electric
and I'm alright.

Now I love life but I can't see
why it's coming in waves
and right through me.
Track Name: Rainbow in a Bootlace
Packing a suitcase
rainbow in a bootlace.

When it's finally done.

Whatever happened to sandcastle I
lived in for a winter season?

I didn't mind the surf in my mind
all through the night.

Whatever happened to sandcastle
built in the night?

Swept away, swept away.

Pack your suitcase
rainbow in a bootlace.

Finally we have some space.